Most people love the idea of outdoor living areas. Even if your home only has a small patio space, you can still create a warm and welcoming place to relax after a long day or catch up with good friends. 

If you are looking for your new outdoor home renovations, read on for tips to improve your patio space. 

1. The Layout

The first thing to be established is the patio design. Having a small space doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish, but it does mean you need a plan.  

All items should be easily movable and ideally multi-purposed. With all the pieces easily managed, you can re-arrange and find just the right spot to maximize the smaller place. 

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2. The Furniture

Furniture needs to be simple, not too big, and placed on the edges of the patio. This allows space for tables in the middle. 

Shop for thin furnishings that hold up well in the weather. Stick to one or two pieces for seating and a few decorative pieces. 

3. The Accessories

An outdoor rug sets the tone for the design. It adds warmth and a homey feel. Always choose a rug designed for outdoor living so it does not ruin in the rain. 

Plants make a great addition to different patio sizes. If you have room, place a tall potted one in a corner. Other options include hanging plants or pots on a ledge. 

Add cushions or pillows to any furniture, but make sure these are weather-resistant as well. For cheaper decorating, use pieces from other rooms in your home. 

4. Don’t Forget the Corners

Be smart about surfaces and corners. These spots can be used for decor and special touches that fit your lifestyle. 

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5. The Lighting

The lighting you choose will set the mood for the time spent on your patio. 

You can opt for a table lamp if there is no room for a full floor model. String lights are often the preferred choice as they are beautiful while taking up no room on the patio itself. 

Wall lights against the side of the home will work if positioned correctly. Don’t forget safety lighting to guide you and any guests to the patio. These can be placed in-ground or under the ledges to shine down on the walkway. 

6. Parties on Patios

Once the patio is looking great, you can host a party. Just keep in mind the small space. Move any tables or decor items to the side and leave the middle area open for guests to move around. 

Utilize large pillows on the floor for extra seating. If possible, use the area around the patio for food or drink access and leave the patio for congregating. Use small TV trays or tables for guests to use. 

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Small Patio Space Equals Big Charm

A small patio space doesn’t mean you can’t be big on charm and décor. Create an outdoor living area that speaks to your lifestyle. 

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