League City Patio makeover


COLOR :  Creekbed

AREA:   Back Patio in League City 

Are you remodeling your patio? If so, you’ll want to consider replacing or upgrading your current flooring. Old patio flooring is often an eyesore, and it can be dangerous if left to deteriorate.

Flooring for patios have come a long way since the days of stone pavers and plain concrete. While these materials are still relatively popular, our polyurea concrete coatings are one of the best options out right now.

For the following reasons we believe Garage Forces Polyurea Conrete Coatings are one of the best options for your patio:

  • Our garage floor coatings are resistant to damage from ultraviolet light. In contrast, epoxy coatings will yellow and fade after consistent exposure to sunlight.
  • Our coatings provide a great-looking finish that also resists stains.
  • Improved slip and impact resistance
  • One-day floor coating installation
  • Residential Lifetime Warranty

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